Ultra Ceiling Paint



Top quality water-based paint especially formulated for ceilings. Easy to apply spatter-free product, it dries to a uniform and smooth gloss-free finish disguising minor surface imperfections. Paint & Primer All-in-One.


  • Paint & Primer All-in-One
  • A water-based product, which makes cleaning tools easier.
  • Spatter-free properties for cleaner application.
  • Gloss-free and smooth finish disguising surface imperfections.
  • Non-yellowing.
  • Dries rapidly with a low odour.
  • Product that complies with the Canadian environmental standards in relation to volatile organic compounds (VOC).


  • This is a ready-to-use product and should not be diluted.
  • Thoroughly stir the product before application.
  • Condition the tools with water before using them.
  • Apply generously, leaving no bare spots nor excesses of paint. Respect the product spread rate. When painting a ceiling, always paint toward the narrower side of the room so sections you paint over will still be damp. Mark out a section of about 2 x 4 feet with a roller by drawing a “W.” Without lifting the roller from the ceiling, fill in the “W.”Smooth out the unpainted portion in the direction of the painted portion.
  • Respect the drying time between coats. Low temperatures or high humidity may affect the drying time. Applying two finishing coats will provide better durability and appearance.
  • If using, remove the masking tape after each coat to avoid lifting off paint when work is completed.
  • To obtain more information on application methods, visit the website at www.para.com

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